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FFG Werke GmbH draws on broad technology base and global footprint

Goeppinge, February 10, 2014 – On December 20, 2013, the newly founded FFG Werke GmbH took over MAG’s Industrial Equipment business unit and became part of FFG Europe, the premium brand of FFG. The dedicated growth strategy of the company is backed by the capacities and knowhow of renowned machine tool brands and a global footprint.

Acting as an independent entity within the global group, FFG Werke GmbH sets out to leverage its full market potential, and utilize the newly gained opportunities and synergies of the global group.

Signed in September 2013, the transition of MAG IAS GmbH’s Industrial Equipment business unit to the Taiwanese Fair Friend Group was finalized on December 20, 2013. The sites in Mosbach, Taunusstein, Chemnitz, Witten and Offenburg, as well as the respective activities at the Göppingen site have been transferred to the newly founded FFG Werke GmbH. As an independently lead entity within the global group, the company has more than 700 employees and further locations in Russia, China and Korea.

The new German entity is part of the FFG Europe Group, which also comprises the Italian brands Jobs, Sachman, Rambaudi and Sigma, representing the premium machine tool brands within the global Fair Friend Group. Luigi Maniglio, Chairman of the group and Managing Director at FFG Werke GmbH: „Based on the joined knowhow of our brands VDF Boehringer, Hüller Hille, Hessapp, Honsberg, Modul and Witzig & Frank, we can offer our customers a broad portfolio of technologies. Together with our experienced and highly skilled staff and our leadership of experienced managers from the German companies, I am looking forward to continue our course of innovation and growth“.

The brands’ products are known for their reliability and productivity in all major European, Asian and American markets. With proprietary capacities in Russia, Korea and China, and backed by strong partners, for example in India and the USA, FFG Europe will further enhance its global presence. Among other initiatives is the assessment of proven sales channels within the group for mutual use. Also, the group will adapt and enhance its direct sales and key account structure to utilize the potentials of its portfolio. Further synergies are seen in the area of market access in Asia.

The product portfolio of FFG Werke GmbH comprises horizontal and vertical turning machines from VDF Boehringer and Hessapp, horizontal machining centers and flexible manufacturing cells from Hüller Hille, gear manufacturing technology from Modul, rotary transfer and multi spindle machines from Witzig & Frank and an extensive service portfolio, also for legacy brands. Regarding research and development, the main thrust will be towards continuous improvements in modularization and service optimization, as well as complete machining and technology integration. The broad technology portfolio provides a substantial base for integrated applications, optimized efficiency and quality through synchronized processes. An example of this approach was presented at last year’s EMO, where a Modul gear maker was linked with a Hessapp vertical turning machine to form a gear manufacturing cell.

Luigi Maniglio, Chairman of FFG Europe and Managing Director of FFG Werke GmbH

Gear manufacturing cell: vertical turning machine DVT 200 from Hessapp and hobbing machine with integrated chamfering and deburring H 250 CDT from Modul

VDF Boehringer 1600 DUS universal lathe

Hüller Hille NBH 630 5X 5-axis horizontal machining center

Two-station machining center Witzig & Frank TWINFLEX

The renowned German machine tool brands at FFG Europe