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Modul H 900/1500/2300

The H 900/1500/2300 is designed for large gear milling and hobbing applications. The large H series cuts straight and helical gears; crowned and tapered gears; worm gears; cluster gears and special profiles (such as compressor-type rotors); oval gears; double helical gears and internal gears. This series can utilise any cutting technology available on the market, from single-cut form milling cutters, to HSS or carbide tools for wet or dry hobbing applications, chamer-hobbing.

With the optionally available special milling head internal gears can be cut very economically. It can be easily exchanged against the external hob head.

  • H 900

    H 900

  • Hobbing a large module pinion on the H 1200

    Hobbing a large module pinion on the H 1200

  • Wet hobbing

    Wet hobbing

  • Milling of internal gears

    Milling of internal gears

  • Hobbing of geared shafts

    Hobbing of geared shafts