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Modul H 600/800

Powerhouse for gears, shafts and screw-type workpieces.

The H 600/800 is a very stabile and rigid machine for the most demanding cutting taks. The machine employs all hobbing techniques (axial, radial/axial, tangential, diagonal) of spur and helical gearings using one or multiple cut technology with climb or conventional feed exploiting the different tool solutions available on the market.
The H 600/800 series is equipped with an exceptionally strong tool spindle drive and a very stabile and stiff tool head to live up to all gear cutting tasks. Depending on the application we deliver the series with special PowerCutting options.
The H 600/800 series can be automated with a standard ring loader for heavy workpieces. The gripper stroke is operated independently. The loader positions are freely selectable (cam-free) and can be saved in the Modul HMI / Operator Dialogue program for each specific workpiece.


  • Very stable and rigid structure
  • Wet and dry cutting
  • High performance hob head with 1000 Nm
  • Up to 210 mm in hob diameter
  • Direct drive work table with table plate options
  • Standard and special workpiece support solutions
  • Ring loader for heavy workpieces
  • Compact layout with integrated auxiliary units


For workpieces with larger modules and tooth depths the H 600/800 is also available in a PowerCutting™ Version featuring an extra high-torque hob spindle with an enlarged swivel angle range. With the PowerCutting™ head the performance of inserted blade tools can be exploited to the maximum. Workpieces can be hobbed or milled depending on lot sizes and tool cost considerations. Additionally you can choose an extended counter column to cut longer and often slimer shapes like rotors or long shafts.

Especially when cutting larger modules, extreme tooth depths, high helix angles, though and ductile materials or very long or heavy workpieces the PowerCutting™ hob head and the special machine options become a very useful choice.

Highlights PowerCutting™

  • PowerCutting™ Head with 1,500 Nm
  • Larger hob diameters up to 300 mm
  • Enlarged swivel angle for high helix angles
  • Special worktable design
  • Extended counter column for longer workpieces
  • Workpiece support solutions for longer parts
  • H 600

    H 600

  • H 600 mit Ringlader und Ladestation

    H 600 mit Ringlader und Ladestation

  • PowerCutting™ mit Hochmoment-Fräskopf

    PowerCutting™ mit Hochmoment-Fräskopf

  • Hobbing of gear and milling of spline with inserted blade tools

    Hobbing of gear and milling of spline with inserted blade tools

  • H 600 R workarea with inserted blade milling cutter

    H 600 R workarea with inserted blade milling cutter