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Modul H 250 CDT

The new H 250 CDT hobbing machines features two integrated chamfering/ deburring spindles to hob and chamfer /deburr gears and shafts on one single worktable. The new chamfering/deburring process is executed in masked time during the hobbing operation. Both processes are operated through the new Siemens 840 D solution line with one common easy-to-use HMI. The innovative solutions features a variety of process otions for cutting and chamfering/deburring. Further processes can be integrated in the multi-functional base unit like the pointing of crowned and synchroniser gears, the concentric drilling of coolant holes or turning functions. The fast gantry loader easily connects the H 250 CDT to existing transport chains, with workpieces in vertical or horizontal position.

The SynchroCutTM Revolution

The idea behind the innovative SynchroCutTM principle is quite easy: The
synchronised Chamfering spindles are interfaced with some delay with the
running hobbing process and work time-parallel to the gear cutting action.
With various process variants it is possible to chamfer /deburr even smaller
lot sizes efficiently with a reduced tool investment. The special 2-Cut-
Chamfer /Deburr-Strategy guarantess almost burr-free flanks.
With this fully CNC-controlled process gears and shifts can be deburred
with very little setup effort. Time-consuming setup tasks are significantly
reduced by the automatic axial adjustment of the tool heads according to
saved tool positions for specific workpiece lots in the machine‘s control.


  • Hobbing with time-parallel chamfering/deburring
  • One solution for gears and shafts
  • Dry and wet machining
  • Diferent cutting strategies available
  • Two-cut strategy for burr-free flanks
  • Very good final quality based on complete machining on one spindle
  • Low costs for tools and fixtures
  • One control system with one, easy-to-use MAG operator interface
    for all processes
  • Reduced footprint
  • Fast and flexible gantry loader for easy line integration
  • H 250 CDT

    H 250 CDT

  • H 250 CDT workarea

    H 250 CDT workarea

  • H 250 CDT with integrated chamfering/deburring and drilling

    H 250 CDT with integrated chamfering/deburring and drilling

  • Getriebefertigungslinie mit H 250 CDT

    Getriebefertigungslinie mit H 250 CDT

    Movie H 250 CDT SynchroCut™