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Modul H 100/130

The H 100/130 series is the first platform of our small hobbing machine line, specifically engineered for automotive applications. These machines have been designed for dry and wet cutting. Chips are conveyed cleanly from the work area by means of a steep and smooth chute to prevent any build-up of residue.

The machine design guarantees best stability and sturdiness since hob column and counter column are directly connected with an upper cross beam creating a closed construction concept. Additionally the tailstock with centric force application is guided through the cross beam guaranteeing excellent clamping pressures. This is especially advantageous for the cutting of geared shafts. To cater for your automation needs, the machine is available with a fast portal loader with double gripper. All peripheral units are easily accessible and maintenance-friendly (including pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics and chip disposal).

The direct drive technology incorporated in this series makes your machine a safe investment over time, since any future tool developments can be fully exploited.

Fast and easy operator guidance throughout the whole process is guaranteed by our latest dialogue software on the Siemens Sinumerik 840 D control.

  • H 100/130

    H 100/130

  • Wälzfräsen von Automobilwellen

    Wälzfräsen von Automobilwellen

  • Integriertes Schnellladesystem

    Integriertes Schnellladesystem