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    Process management

    The implications of the term "quality" go far beyond the requirements to the final product - they also include all processes within our company. Reliable results for our customers can only be achieved on this comprehensive basis.

    Quality means not just to fulfill the customer's requirements but also those of the employees and the company, e.g. meeting requirements for safety at work and environmental protection.

    Quality and environmental management at FFG Werke GmbH

    Only those who control their processes will, in the end, manufacture a high quality product. Therefore, process management is an essential component of the culture that has been undertaken at all FFG Werke GmbH locations.

    We realized the advantages of modern process management. Since June 2011, all plants of FFG Werke GmbH hold the new ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Environmental protection (certified in accordance with ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety are also integrated in this management system.

    Today the ISO certificates are standards which are taken for granted, particularly when co-operating with automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Beyond this, we fulfill customer-specific requirements through partnerships. 

    FFG focuses on continuous improvement processes within the company. Targets and key figures, customer satisfaction and internal communication are areas that have to be improved continually. Re-engineering projects help to optimize processes and ensure that the high level of competence and qualification of our employees leads to the development of higher quality products and services.

    We have thus introduced an integrated management system, which is certified in accordance with: